For most people, the bathroom is just a place to get in, do your thing, and get out of as quickly as possible. The sad thing is that the bathroom has the potential to be a center of relaxation and an appealing focal point for the home. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “I don’t have the money to put in a personal spa bathtub and lounge area!” That’s OK. I’m here to tell you that even on a budget, you can upgrade your bathroom to be the place to be.

Tweaking some of the most basic elements of your bathroom can take it to the next level with hardly any effort.

1. DIY Moss Bathmat

via Coroflot

Bring nature inside. Find out how to make your own living bathmat Here.

2. DIY Stone Bathmat

via Tattooed Martha

For those of you who aren’t too keen on bringing moss inside but still want a touch of nature. Check out the how-to Here.

3. Repurposed Towel Mat

via Fine Craft Guild

This is basically a hooked rag rug made from old towels. Definitely cushier than the other two options.

4. Add some cheeky wall art.

via Etsy / SimplySamanthaStore

Available for purchase Here. If you don’t feel like spending $80 on a cute sign, you can make your own wooden cutouts with a saw and some skills, or paint them directly on the wall. Or, y’know, use your imagination.

5. Use S-hooks to hang items from the curtain rod.

via Moen

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can add baskets.