Modern bedroom design ideas  will guide you through colors, textures, lighting and styles. Cream, gray and brown are popular colors that can be combined beautifully with a radiant shade. The furniture should bring order to the bedroom and offer plenty of storage space. A comfortable bed, a dresser, a large closet and a small seating area to relax are the elements of a cozy bedroom. Make an optimal use of the available space and think of ideas such as corner shelves, wardrobe in a niche, TV mounted on the wall, etc. If you want to express your personality, you can do this through an interesting wall decoration or lights with expressive forms. Draped cushion, fur blanket and a shaggy carpet would gracefully add texture and character to your bedroom.


If you want to make your bedroom modern, but have the desire to own a romantic chandelier, then you can mix styles. A hint of the Renaissance’s opulence, the exotic beauty of ethnic style or the rugged beauty of the bricks would complement the modern design in a spectacular way. Modern bedroom design ideas often choose the wall behind the bed to be the focal point of the room. Whether embellished with a pattern wallpaper, wood panels or murals, you have to give it a special attention as accent walls are becoming quite popular in the world of interior design. The accent wall is often chosen behind the bed in the bedroom and is designed in a color or texture which is in contrast to the adjacent walls. This is a good way not only to achieve a modern look, but also to show your personality. Almost all modern bedroom designs have a great sense of geometry. Straight lines of furniture, shelves, wall decoration, etc, modern design has a strong focus on the geometry. Geometrically patterned carpets and accessories such as vases or candles are also quite popular.

 Use as much natural light as possible

Wood elements add warmth to the bedroom