If you have a small living room, you may be struggling with ideas for how to get the most out of the space. To be sure, designing a small living room that provides the level of comfort you want, while at the same time appearing larger than it really is, can be difficult work. However, if you make the right choices, and consider some things that might be “outside of the box” for your overall design aesthetic, you can get a lot accomplished.

In order to assist you with your small living room design, we’ve collected what we believe are 74 stunning examples of small living rooms that have made the most out of a little. In some cases, you’ll find that a minimalistic approach as been adopted to keep the space as open as possible. In other cases, these small living rooms have been jam-packed with furniture and décor in order to create a cozy feel that’s hard to ignore. In either case, one thing is for certain: every small living room on this list has something about it that can inspire the design of the small living room in your home.

1. Modern Choices


With a small living room, making modern design choices can keep things interesting and unique.

2. Make It Bold


In order to maximize a small living room, you want to make bold choices with your designs.

3. Accent Wall


An accent wall can be just the thing you need to add vibrancy to your small living room design.

4. Area Rug


A smart and plush area rug can add an extra level of comfort in your small living room.

5. Go For Comfort


With a small living room, you want to make things as comfortable as possible. Keep this in mind when selecting furniture.


6. Curvaceous


Curved accents add a lot of architectural flair to the design of this small living room.

7. Double Duty


If you need space for a home office in your small living room, consider a built-in desk like the on you see here.

8. Simplicity


By adding artwork to the walls, you can keep the design of your small living room simple, which helps to increase the sense of space.

9. Bright Colors


Using bright colors in the design of your small living room can really help to open things up a bit.

10. Neutral and Wood


The neutral color of the wood in this small living room works beautifully with the orange upholstery.