5. Don’t Make Lemons Into Lemonade! Let Lemon Juice Remove Your Pit Stains

Who knew one squirt of this item in your fridge could make a lifetime of difference to your clothes? A little of this magic stuff under the armpits of your shirts before you wash them could save them!

6. Using Baby Wipes To Remove Deodorant Stains

Instead of tossing your favorite shirt in the wash, bring it back from the dead by removing stains with baby wipes! A few simple applications of these little bad boys and your shirt will look new.
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7. Quit Letting Your Buttons Run Wild With A Little Clear Nail Polish
Even if you sew them on the right way a million times, some buttons just don’t want to stay put! After you sew that sucker back on there, slap on a little clear nail polish to keep it in place. Problem = solved!
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8. Remove Red Lipstick Stains In A Snap!

No matter how it got there, getting rid of red lipstick stains is a pain. Put some hairspray on there, let it breathe for a moment, gently dab it, and then throw it in the wash on its own. Your clothes will come out good as new! 
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The best is yet to come when it comes to saving your favorite clothes with a couple easy tips and tricks. You can’t miss the next page!

9. Remove Stains From Leather

After brushing your boots off, wipe them down with soap and hot water. Then, mix one part vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle and spray them down. Once you wipe down your boots with a dry cloth, rub in some conditioner and spray them with a waterproof mixture.
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