10. De-Pill Your Clothes With A Razor

Get rid of all those pesky little scraps in a snap. All you need to do is wash your clothes, run a razor over them, and swipe them with a lint roller.

11. Roll Your Pants The Right Way When You Wear Your Boots

Stop wondering how your jeans wound up getting frayed to shreds every time you wore your favorite cute boots with them. Instead of tucking them inside your boots, cuff them and save the day!

12. Using A Hair Straightener To Iron Your Shirt Collar

You don’t have time to worry about wrinkled collars when you’re trying to look your best. Bust out that hair straightener, and your collar will be looking fly in the blink of an eye. 
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If you want to bring your favorite leather clothes and accessories back to life without breaking the bank, #15 is for YOU!

13. Slice And Dice Old T-Shirts Into Killer New Tank Tops

Spin those old t-shirts into gold with a pair of scissors! Put a tank top that fits you well over the shirt you want to redesign, outline the shape of the neckline and the strap width, and cut the t-shirt along the lines you drew. Finally, use two t-shirt scraps to tie the straps together, twisting the back until the fit is perfect — just for you!

14. Kill Any Odors On Your Denim Clothes With Vodka. Is There Anything It Can’t Do?!

Get a clean spray bottle and mix one shot of vodka with three drops of essential oil and some warm water. Spray your jeans or denim vest with this magic elixir, let it sit overnight, and you’re golden.
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15. Breathe New Life Into Your Favorite Leather Shoes With Moisturizer!

That’s correct — you did, in fact, read that right, ladies and gentlemen. Instead of springing all of your extra bucks for leather polish, put your favorite moisturizer on your old leather shoes! They’ll shine as if they’re brand new.
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16. Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe All Over Again!

Don’t let everyday life get in the way of sparkling like fireworks on the Fourth of July! Stop worrying about the old life your clothes used to have and work it, girl, because you know you’re worth it.

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