Sunburst Mirror and Pattern Bathroom

IBB Design via Decor Pad

When deciding on a theme, sometimes it pays to commit. This gold-themed bathroom features a fashionable sunburst mirror as well as as a patterned wallpaper and gold faucets. It’s bold, but not overwhelming.
Brown Bath Vanity with Gold Suburst Mirror by IBB Design, via Decor Pad

Rustic Stone And Wood Bathroom

Land’s End Development via Home BNC

Work with the natural colors of nature by using natural stone and reclaimed wood. The modern faucets in the shower and sink bring a fashionable contrast to the warm, rustic style of this bathroom.
Rustic bathroom by Land’s End Development via Home BNC

Bubble Chandelier Bathroom

Tiffany McInzie Interior Design via Houzz

What’s special about this bathroom isn’t its color: it’s its choice of shape. Everything, from the bold chandelier to the round freestanding tub to the oval-shaped side table reminds you of bubbles. All that it’s missing is actual bubbles in the bath!
Transitional bathroom by Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design, via Houzz

Large and Spacious Master Bathroom

OXA Architecture via Decor Pad

Live large in this spacious master bathroom featuring a bold dark brown vanity with gold accents, a sand armchair, and a modern freestanding tub. There’s probably enough space to do your yoga routine too!
Black Washstand with Gold Hardware and Black and Gold Mirror by IBB Design, via Decor Pad

Beautiful Beige Bathroom

Fedorova via Decoholic

Beige doesn’t have to be boring: this beautiful contemporary bathroom is the proof. A freestanding tub set on smooth stones, green plants and natural wood shades make this space as welcoming as it is chic.
Contemporary elegant apartment by Fedorova, via Decoholic