Metal Racks Hold Wrenches Securely

You can purchase, if you don’t already have a spare, a metal clothing rack from any store and use it for keeping your wrenches organized. Just hang the rack on the wall and the wrenches will fit on the hangers. This is a cheap and very easy way to keep those wrenches within reach but out of the way. Via: FamilyhandymanClever Tool Storage Ideas

One Well-Organized Wall

Organizing the garage does not mean that you have to use all of the walls for storage. You can utilize just one wall and create a great organization center for practically anything that you need to store. Metal cabinets and shelves are a good start and you can add labeled totes or baskets for items that need a permanent home. Via: Versastyledesign – Shelving that works hard and looks great!

Plastic Cups on a Pegboard

Plastic cups that you can pick up for $1 for 3 are a great way to organize tools and other items. You just have to mount them on the wall or better yet, on a pegboard. Just drill 2 holes in each cup and secure to the pegboard using zip ties. You can create an entire board filled with cup storage to keep all of those smaller items organized. Via: Flickr

Paint the Floor Decoratively

If you really want to dress up your garage space, why not paint a decorative pattern on the floor? No matter what your garage flooring is made of, you can paint it – unless of course it’s carpeting but why would you have carpet in your garage? Anyway, painting gives the garage a fresh new look and if you choose to stencil in a few designs, it will look like you’ve had it customized. Via: PaisleywallpaperRenovation

Label Metal Planters for Storage

Metal planters look great in the garage and when you add whimsical labeling, they create an attractive yet very functional organization center. Just label each planter with whatever you plan to put inside. Labeling is essential in organization and the planters can be painted if you want to make them perfectly match other shelving or whatever you have in the garage. Via: HousetohomeModern utility room decorating ideas – 7 of the best