5. So close to a three for one deal, but so far from a good day.

Reddit | Snakex77x

6. Well the good news is that you can barely notice it from the front.

Reddit | Calcium_Junky

7. From the driver’s point of view, it’s bad news. From the fisherman’s point of view, it’s the biggest catch of his life!

Reddit | bakershalfdozen

8. Using a convertible really lets you feel the wind (and snow) in your hair.

Reddit | jjlew080

9. As long as they’re tied down, they’re secure, right?

Reddit | SethKinast

10. It was the last thing to clean, and now it’s going to take me all day to get it out!

Reddit | tajoef

11. Something tells me the guy getting hit wasn’t in on the joke.

Reddit | kgmfilms

12. How do you mess up opening a banana?!

Reddit | DoozerMarch