I know it’s hard to look on the bright side when your day has gone to shit, but trust me when I say that someone, somewhere is having a worse day than you. The pictures on this list should be all the proof you need.

1. I hate the dentist

2. Cat be like, “What are you crying about, I have lollipop stuck to my torso.”

3. You haven’t experienced a bad day until it’s raining deer

4. Some poor kid is about ruin his mom’s day

5. This is shaping up to be a two-for-one special

6. Oh man, that sucks

7. This is my nightmare

8. C’mon, everyone knows this only works in movies

9. Day ruined

10. I wonder how far he got before he noticed

11. Perfect timing

12. That turtleneck, though

13. Touché, sign

14. This doesn’t strike me as the type of place where help is around the corner

15. That’s unfortunate

16. When you spend 30 minutes in line only to drop your ice cream a minute later

17. Can it get any worse?

18. This is what rock bottom looks like

19. What do you even do when this happens?

20. So close, yet so far

Source: diply.