It can be extremely overwhelming trying to update an older home or one that is very builder basic.   There’s not always money in the budget for expensive upgrades and sticking to a strict budget can sometimes be stressful. That doesn’t mean you have to live with dated fixtures and a home that doesn’t represent your style and personality.  With a little effort and creativity you can turn your builder grade home into a beautiful and custom place you love.

1. Make Baseboards Taller

Replacing baseboards can not only be time consuming, but can also be a huge expense.  We eventually replaced all our boring 70’s molding in our home, but it was done over the course of a few years.  If you’re not ready to go through the hassle and mess of tearing out molding, adding to your existing baseboards is a great option.

2. Spray Paint Dated Light Fixtures, Door Knobs and Vent Covers.

There’s no need to spend hundred’s of dollars on new lights and fixtures.  Spray paint and new light bulbs can go a long way in transforming worn or dated fixtures.

3. Update Basic Lighting

Oh the dreaded boob lights and shiny brass fixtures that are a staple in almost every builder grade home.  If spray paint isn’t your thing, you can inexpensively DIY or replace light fixtures to make a bold statement to any space.