It is becoming easier and easier to spend money as time goes on and technology advances with it. Not only do most people carry multiple credit cards, but now even our phones can pay for things. However, as convenient as this is, it also increases the risk of fraud as you never actually see the money leave your pocket. With these tips, you can make sure that you never lose a dime to a scammer while you’re out on your next shopping spree.

1. Check how far your card goes in.

An easy way to avoid a scam is to watch out for machines that have been tampered with. Tampering with a machine is also known as ‘Skimming’.

Once you’ve finished your shopping and have inserted your card to pay, it should be left out by about an inch. If you notice it go in any further, then the machine may have been tampered with.

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2. The size of the machine.

Skimming machines are usually slightly larger than normal ones, so try to remember the size of your usual machine when you are suspicious. It could save you a lot of money!

Take the width of the machine into account too. Skimming machines can sometimes have thicker rims to account for the malicious hardware.

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