5. Missing stylus.

Terminals with Skimmers don’t allow a stylus to fit into the side. Make sure to notice this when you’re about to give your signature.

You’ll notice that all regular terminals have a stylus attached to allow you to sign on the machine with ease. If there isn’t a stylus, your alarm bells should be ringing.

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6. Warning symbols and errors.

If you see a warning symbol appear or notice a problem with the machine, it could be a sign that it has been tampered with. Skimmers slow down the functions of the card machine and can affect the magnetic strip reader, causing faults.

7. Carry an extra card.

Even though you’ve read about all of the potential problems to spot with a card reader, sometimes it can still be hard to spot a scam. Always carry a spare debit card with a set limit in case of emergencies.

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8. Keep your card.

When paying for a meal in a restaurant, make sure you never hand over your card to the employee as you don’t know what they could do with it. Always handle your own transactions.

9. Check receipts.

Always make sure to quickly read over your receipt after you’ve paid for something. You may notice a strange amount on there or even a blank space in the ‘amount paid’ field. This could indicate a fraudulent payment.

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10. Set spending limits.

Setting spending limits with your bank can protect you if you are a victim of fraud as it limits the amount of money that they can take from you. This minimizes the potential money lost.

11. Insurance policies.

If you are a victim of a scam or fraud, you can speak to your bank about card insurance policies as they can offer a reimbursement with some fraud cases.

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Source:  auntyacid.