If you’ve ever seen a deal too good to be true, chances are you saw it online. It used to be infomercials that took advantage of us lazy, bored and gullible shoppers, but now, online shopping has made it even easier to suck us suckers into buying literal shit (for anyone who bought that one Cards Against Humanity set, this statement should really ring true). So how do you avoid getting screwed by online retailers who are willing to capitalize on how stupid we, the people of the internet, are? Learn from the mistakes of the following 15 people: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

1. It literally looks like that dress was constructed out of a bunch of your grandmother’s old panties

My apologies for that mental image.


via Imgur / sexybeastwaaaat

2. When it said “kitty tent” in the description, you probably didn’t realize it was actually made for a cat


via reddit / Kelkymcdouble

3. The new MacBook sure is light…


via Daily Mail | SWNS / North Deveron Journal